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Ninja Sickle with Chain and Weight "KUSARI GAMA" (Imitation)

Ninja Sickle with Chain and Weight "KUSARI GAMA" (Imitation)

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Sickle (Grass-cutter) with a long chain and a weight.
It is called KUSARI GAMA in Japanese. KUSARI means chain and GAMA(KAMA) means Sickle.
Ninja used to often use KUSARI GAMA for their mission. Because 90% of ninja were Farmer. Farmer use KAMA for their job. So even if farmer(Ninja inside) have KAMA, nobody care and realize them. When Ninja perform mission, they can make KAMA stronger with chain and weight from pocket.
KUSARI GAMA is very strong and effective weapon. There are many KUSARI GAMA technique of Ninja arts.

It is made of zinc alloy and black chrome plating.
It is not sharp and pointy. Imitation for art and display. But also it is good for training.

width: 143mm
height: 280mm
Chain length: 1m
weight: 752g

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