The Ninja Training Dojo and Items Store in Kyoto

Experience authentic and traditional ninja training with shuriken, ninja sword, kunai and others at tatami dojo in Kyoto, Japan. And various ninja arms, tools, costumes and goods at the store.

Authentic trainings and Short lessons

Original and unique training which cannot be found other place. You could learn some ninja techniques by hands-on training.Ninja training start with courtesy of the dojo and ninja meditation 'Kuji-kiri'. You could learn breath control of ninja like Yoga. Also basic walking of Japanese martial arts and Ninja walking.Ninja technique is handed down from over 500 years ago. Ninja technique is for peace and survival. The Ninjutsu includes a lot of wisdom of our predecessors. Why don't you feel spirit, wisdom and survival skill of ninja.


3-minute walk from Shijo-Karasuma, Shijo station on the Subway Karasuma line and Karasuma station on the Hankyu Kyoto line. 15-minute by taxi or train from Kyoto station on the JR line.


京都市下京区白楽天町528 二階(室町通仏光寺上ル) 600-8422

Store Hours

Monday — Friday

10:00am - 6:00pm